DAT Study Guide​:

General Study Guide for the DAT

Welcome to BohrPrep’s general study guide for the Dental Admissions Test. In this guide, we are going to talk about what you need to acing the DAT and getting into the dental school you desire.

We provide the information you need to prepare yourself for the DAT on how/when/where to apply, the requirements and the prerequisites, extracurricular activities as well as other information including what/how to study. Other services and details are mentioned below.

We have a conclusive free DAT guide on our website which includes many sections that address the questions and concerns of the DAT applicants, as well as FREE DAT Practice Tests.

Here is what you can get with upgrading your account:

  • 20 individual PAT exams
  • 3500+ Questions to Master each Subject
  • 60+ Individual Tests
  • 1-year subscription
  • 10 Full-length Exams
  • Real-time DAT Scores and Percentile Rank
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Comprehensive Notes

You can get a 90-day subscription for only $127 which is at least two to three times lower than the amount you have to pay to purchase other DAT Preps.

Why is BohrPrep cheaper than other similar service providers?

Many of our services are FREE like our guides and we also offer FREE sample tests and provide daily problems for PAT and we have daily questions for the Chemistry/Biology section. Maintaining a high-quality website and services, especially one which is updated regularly is not cheap. BohrPrep is also a source of income for those who work to make it the best DAT preparation tool option out there. In order to pay the bills, so to speak, we offer account upgrades in the form of the most affordable DAT preparation services and tests so that more pre-dents can use our services and we are happy that our services are the most affordable while being high quality at the same time.

The DAT Materials

The DAT consists of multiple-choice items distributed across a battery of four tests: the Survey of the Natural Sciences (Biology, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry), Perceptual Ability Test, Reading Comprehension Test, and Quantitative Reasoning Test.
The US DAT has 2 additional sections: 30 questions in Organic Chemistry added to the Natural Sciences Test, 40 questions in the Quantitative Reasoning (QR) Test which covers Math.
For more details on the DAT Materials check here.

Timing and setting the date of the DAT

You must choose the date of your exam 60 to 90 days prior to your desired test date, and since you will have to pay extra fees for rescheduling and canceling the exam date you should do this carefully. Normally you can take the DAT every 90 days. For more information on the timing and setting the date of the DAT, you can check here.

DAT Study Schedule

We also provide a detailed study guide and study schedules which you can customize to your liking and personal preferences, considering which topics you need to spend more time on and which topics you just need to review and practice.

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