Retaking the DAT:

Retaking the DAT?

Students should be careful when it comes to retaking the DAT, whether to retake it or not depends on a few factors like your score, if you can do better this time or if you have time to study.
It also depends on the school you are applying to; suppose you have a 16 in QR, but the rest of your scores are above average or higher, you should know if the school you are applying to has a QR cuff-off limit and contact them for advice.
If your scores are above the average except one or two, then it is not recommended to do the test again to get even higher scores. Again you should check your dental school cutoffs. You should also know there are different versions of DAT tests that are being tested at the same time and each DAT exam is scored differently according to its own difficulty.

Different schools have different approaches toward retakes; some only consider the highest set of scores, some only take the latest into consideration and others get an average of all attempts.

It is also a good idea to consult your pre-health advisor. In the end, you should consider retaking the DAT if it is really necessary and when you make that choice you should do your best to learn where your problems were last time and learn from them to get good results. There is a time limit for answering the question so if you have a problem with running out of the time you should learn the fastest way to get to the answers, it is not necessarily related to your knowledge in that field.

Consider someone with 21 AA/ 21 TS, does the person need to retake the DAT? According to the 2009 ADA DAT percentile list, a TS of 21 is 92.9th percentile and an AA of 21 is 95th percentile, therefore, those scores are really good and are absolutely good enough for acceptance. What is more, is that these scores are too good to risk retaking, TS of 27 is an excellent score and very few people ever have attained it. By this explanation, let’s consider an example:

  • My DAT scores and GPA are as follows:

PAT: 26
QR: 18
RC: 22
Bio: 22
GC: 19
OC: 19
TS: 20
AA: 20
GPA: 3.76

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Should I retake the DAT with Such Scores?

The short answer is NO.
Since your scores and GPA are fine, you can get the interviews into many dental schools. However, if you have a certain school in mind you may want to call them directly and get their advice. Make sure your personal statement is good and also practice your interview skills.

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