Preparing for the DAT: the Test Day

Keep calm and be confident

Test day can be very stressful and it is only natural to be a little stressed out since you have worked hard to prepare for the test and you have spent a lot of time and resources on it, but it is also reassuring that you have done so; the investment you have made should also make you confident and calm since you are better prepared for the test. Keep in mind that you have done your best to prepare and the stress will only get in between you and your goal. Try focusing on the questions and forget about what the result would or would not be, your priority is focusing on the questions, everything else is irrelevant at that point.

Try to eat and rest well for the test day. You can have a snack during the optional break time that is given during the exam but you have to put it in the locker and access it during the break.

Knowing the test location and time

We suggest that you get to know the exact address, time of appointment, and the time it takes to get to your designated Prometric testing center from your place before the day of the exam. It’s also advisable to know the exact building since some of these testing centers are within college campuses. Remember that you should be present at the location of your test 30 minutes before your appointment so try to time your departure accordingly.

Check-in Process

After you enter the DAT test location, you must sign a roster and you need to provide one or two forms of government-issued photo ID; one ID can be driver’s license, passport, etc. and the other ID must have your signature like credit card, social security card, etc. and the signatures on both IDs must be identical. You also have to do a finger print identification.
You must put your belongings in a locker that is allocated to you and the only things you are allowed to have during the exam are the locker key and your IDs.

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